Brock Lamborn


Born and raised on a dairy farm in northeast Iowa, Brock’s upbringing nurtured his early interest in hunting and fishing. Growing up in a region abundant with wildlife, he developed a profound connection with nature, which would later shape his career and personal pursuits. From his humble beginnings in rural Luana, Iowa, to becoming a renowned figure in the hunting and real estate industry, Brock’s story is an inspiring testament to the fusion of passion and profession.

Brock’s journey commenced on the picturesque landscapes of his family’s dairy farm in northeast Iowa. Surrounded by nature’s wonders, his curiosity and love for hunting and fishing blossomed at a young age. As he grew up, Brock’s enthusiasm for wildlife and the outdoors only intensified. He attended MFL MarMac High School, where his dedication to his studies matched his fervor for outdoor pursuits. Additionally, Brock became a proud member of the Monona FFA chapter, further solidifying his commitment to his agricultural roots.

Throughout his youth, Brock actively participated in the Monona Jr. Feeders 4-H Club, spending his summers diligently preparing for county fair projects and the upcoming deer season. As he honed his hunting skills, Brock’s passion extended beyond deer hunting. He discovered a newfound love for coyote hunting, utilizing his skills and knowledge to contribute to wildlife management efforts.

With a deep-rooted love for hunting and a desire to forge a meaningful career, Brock embarked on a path that would merge his two passions. Recognizing the potential to combine his expertise in real estate with his profound understanding of wildlife, he set out to create a unique niche for himself. Drawing from his experiences growing up in rural Iowa, Brock realized the immense value of land for both hunting and investment purposes.

Brock’s journey took a significant leap forward when he achieved the prestigious title of National Deer Steward 1. This recognition not only validated his knowledge and commitment to deer management but also propelled his career in the hunting industry. Armed with expertise and a genuine love for the land, he became a sought-after authority in guiding individuals and businesses in making sound real estate investments related to hunting and wildlife conservation.

In recent years, Brock has expanded his hunting repertoire, venturing into the realm of duck hunting. Accompanied by his loyal Black Lab, Boone, he embraces the challenge and camaraderie that duck hunting offers. Brock’s enthusiasm for hunting continues to drive him to explore new adventures and share his experiences with others.

Brock’s remarkable journey from a dairy farm in northeast Iowa to becoming a respected figure in the hunting and real estate industry serves as an inspiration to all aspiring individuals. His unwavering passion for hunting, commitment to conservation, and innovative approach to real estate have established him as a leader in his field. As Brock continues to blend his expertise and love for the outdoors, his contributions to wildlife management and land investment will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact.