Jason Syens

Realtor/ Land Pro

I grew up in rural WI in a little town called Friesland. It was there that I would develop a passion for hunting; which became a passion for deer and land management in general. I Joined White Knuckle Productions in Jan of 2008 along with my lifelong friend Dave Prochnow. I have hunted my whole life and have a passion for filming not just the hunt, but the journey to that hunt as well.

Professionally, after come college, and a brief summer driving “The Ducks” in Wisconsin Dells, I took a job selling cars and it was there that I learned that I loved helping people. Getting paid for it was even better. For some time, I have tried to find a way to blend my passion for sales with my passion for the outdoors.

Well this year a friend whom I had worked with in the car business, convinced me to hang up my car biz career and come to work for Realtree’s United Country Hunting Properties. In March of 2019 I took a leap of faith. It will be on this page you can follow along with me on my journey, the ups, downs, and in between.

As for White Knuckle Productions, our Web Show’s are filmed all-over the mid-west and are primarily Bowhunting, All Fair Chase, and All Self-guided. I am also the host of The White Knuckle Podcast, which is a podcast about all things Bowhunting/Hunting and in general anything related to the outdoors. The WKP team does all of our own scouting and stand set-ups, food plots, tree planting and everything in between. We hunt on both private and public lands. We show every aspect of the hunt, not just the seconds leading up to the kill. We are hunters just like you, we get no special treatment or hand-outs, and wouldn’t have it any other way. Our Web Show and Podcast are a celebration of Whitetails and the lifestyle of the serious bowhunter and now a celebration of the life of Todd Alan Pringnitz who was taken home to Heaven on Feb 25th 2019.