Makenna Milazzo

Sales Associate

Growing up on a private ranch in a rural mountain community, I learned the importance of land
and property management, recreational opportunities, and fostering relationships with
homeowners. My passion for hunting, fishing, agriculture, and land management was just part of
my daily life. These experiences taught me the value of hard work, doing a job well, and taking
care of our most precious resource, the earth.

I attended Colorado State University-Pueblo and earned degrees in Wildlife Management and
Natural Resources and Recreational Management. During my time in college, I developed
education programs for a local organization, worked as a pro staff for companies in the hunting
industry, and guided horseback rides in Rocky Mountain National Park. I conducted research on
the genetics of Lark Buntings. I interned as a waterfowl research technician with the Fish and
Wildlife Service in Alaska, Ducks Unlimited in Nebraska, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

In 2021, my husband Ryan and I later moved to the largest ranch in the Rocky Mountains,
where we worked on environmental restoration projects. Together, we later worked with Trout
Unlimited on a project at an active Molynium mine in Colorado. Our love for environmental
restoration led us to Iowa and a quiet, outdoor-focused lifestyle.

Homeownership is an American dream and it is my passion as a lifestyle agent with Midwest
Lifestyle Properties to help individuals achieve that dream. Our team is made up of successful
agents who collaborate together to determine best-fit solutions for our clients who are looking to
purchase land. We are dedicated to helping families find the perfect property that will be a home
for generations. I am honored that my clients put their trust in me to be a part of that experience
here in Parkersburg, Iowa.