Once in a Lifetime Recreational Property in Southwestern Wisconsin

Brace yourself for 106+/- preeminent acres of Southwestern Wisconsin’s finest recreational land to hit the market in years. This masterful estate is impeccable for a permanent home or cabin retreat just minutes from the quaint village of Wonewoc. You’ll find this property with not only a plethora of wildlife, but also stunning rock outcroppings. prominent timber and Crossman Creek suited with a waterfall!

The name, “Wonewoc” is of Indigenous American origin, meaning, “howling hills.” While the town was incorporated in 1878, the railroad expansion helped the region explode. Today, it’s population is under 1,000-people and most recognized as an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. This area is the midpoint for the 400 Trail, one of the area’s many trails used by bikers, hikers horse riders and snowmobile enthusiasts. Both canoeing and kayaking is an additional hobby held closely by many on the Baraboo River. Those that enjoy boating and fishing will love Dutch Hollow and Lake Redstone, which has become a centerpiece of this astounding part of the state. Owning a property in this area affords endless opportunities to lavish in some of the most proliferate outdoor experiences in the state of Wisconsin.

This estate offers numerous access points. Most notably on the westerly side of the property off of Van Wormer Road, which is at a dead-end or on the easterly side off of County Road I. An extensive ridgetop overlooks the neighboring valleys with prominence. Here, you’ll find the most idyllic building site with awe-inspiring views that seemingly last for eternity. The top encompasses around 15-acres of agricultural ground planted in lush alfalfa. As you could imagine, this becomes a real draw for deer and turkey.

The main bluff bellows into a deep valley where over seven ridges converge into a half-mile long ravine. Crossman Creek weaves through the canyon from North to South. This bottom basin is dense with thick cover providing optimal trophy whitetail bedding habitat. While walking the property, we encountered over 30-deer and watched them cross the creek onto the opposite bluff face. Countless deer trails crisscross into picture perfect funnels and pinch points.

The Badger State is home to 8-of-10 top trophy class counties according to the Pope & Young Club. You’ll be pleased to note that Sauk County is ranked #6! While this property isn’t in Sauk County, it’s literally 2-miles from the County Line. You can expect to see not only a lot of deer on this property, but also more importantly – a lot of giants. The diverse habitat encompassed by large neighboring landowners with fertile agriculture ground compliments the growth and maturity. Take a moment to click onto the Aerial Map. Zoom into the property and you can see the cattle-like game trails checkerboarding the acreage. This glaring fact is that there’s not one acre of this property not decorated with massive rubs, scrapes or bedding ground.

You’ll soon notice that there’s a whimsical feeling about this alluring ground – a sentiment of enchantment and ecstasy. Although the dynamic makeup of ridges, creeks and bluff faces will astound you, there’s nothing more captivating than the cascading waterfall. Bubbling from a natural spring, flows ice-cold water down a sheer cliff that’s been carved into the sandstone eons ago. This only added to the overall experience that this pristine piece of Mother Nature offers.

This property is not in any type of government program or project – in other words, you’re looking at a very clean estate.

Now is the time to take advantage of this world-class ground. Consider this property a must-see if you have any interest in owning one of most prolific properties in Southwestern Wisconsin. For more info please contact Tina Marshall at 608-604-6675 // tinam@badgerlandsw.com ,Southwest Wisconsin Land Specialist Brandon Wikman at 608.403.6003 // BrandonW@UChuntingproperties.com OR Joe Nawrot at 608.381.1627 // JoeN@UChuntingproperties.com.


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Property Location

106 AC County Road I Wonewoc, WI 53968