George Smith 2 Day Estate Auction

Ended: August 27, 2016

1303 Wauona Trail, Portage, WI 53901

Friday Aug. 26th & Saturday Aug. 27th

Starts at 9:30 AM Both Days




DIRECTIONS: East out of Portage Take WI-33 to Wauona Trail. Watch for signs.

NOTE:  George was an avid collector of hunting, sporting goods and guns. A lot of rare items. Partial list, too much to list and we are still unpacking totes. Check website for more pictures. Food truck on site.


                BOAT MOTORS:  Johnson 4.5 HP, Evinrude 6 HP, Evinrude 4 HP, Johnson 4 HP, Johnson 9.5 HP, (2) Champion boat motors, Elgin 12 HP, many outboard motor tanks.

                FISHING: Baby’s rattle casting lures, PFlueger reels, Mitchell reels, Abu Garcia reels, Beaver Dam tip-ups, jigs, fishing gear, trapping baskets and more.

                PRINTS: Michael Sieve prints - Oak Ridge Battle series framed (4) prints, Survival series framed (8) prints, “The Gathering” framed, “The Spoils” framed, “WE Three Kings” unframed, “Maple Rush” unframed, “Dream Buck” (2) framed Owen J Gromme prints - “Reflections” framed, “Blue Bird Family” framed, “Cedar Creek Mallards” framed artistic proof 11/40, “Startled Grouse” framed< “A Long Courtship” framed, “Mallards and Black Ducks” framed, “Grouse Print” framed, “Red Squirrel and Blue Jay” framed, “Flushed From Cover” framed, “Deer Crossing The Neenah” framed, “Blue Jay and Cardinal” framed, “Cardinal and Sunflower” framed, “Bobwhite Quail” framed, “Mates Serengeti Lions” framed, “Distant Thunder” framed and unframed, “Approaching Storm”, “Tundra Swans” Others - “Autumn Ivy” Don Kloetzke framed, “Adventures on the Nipigon” Phillip Goodwin framed, “North Fork Woodies” Robert Hinton unframed, Winchester advertising poster framed with hounds. Owen J Gromme collector plate “Common Loon” limited edition.

                MEMORABILIA: Remington/Winchester/Western die cast banks, Ruger memorabilia, old postcards and pictures, Rod & Gun Club pins, Endeavor, WI memorabilia, Dahlke’s Butter Beer bottle, wooden beer boxes, local beer bottles and milk bottles, advertising yard sticks, Portage metal signs, Wisconsin fishing licenses sold here sign, lots of local advertising, lots of fishing, traping and hunting related memorabilia.

                DECOYS AND MISCELLANEOUS: Sturgeon decoys, turkey and duck decoys, wooden and cork decoys, snow shoes, cast iron pans, Dutch ovens, pots, molded pans, tools, Smith & Wesson shoe polish, hatchets, camp stoves and more.



                GUN LIST: (Guns Start at Noon) AMT Small Game Hunter II 22Cal, Baikal Double 410, Bayard Arms Hammer Double 12GA, Beretta 950BS 25Cal, Black powder 45, Black powder single shot 44, bolt action 30-06, Browning auto 5 16GA, Browning BPS 12GA, (3) Browning A5 12GA, Browning A-bolt 22, Buffalo Hunter revolver 44Cal Pair, Buggy Rifle Under Hamer 45, Colt Official Police 38Cal, Colt Army 38Cal, Colt black powder 44Cal, Cricket bolt 22, CVA Squirrel Rifle 32, CVA Navy 44, Dan Wesson 15 357Cal, Enfield bolt action 300 WBY MAG, Frank Wesson single shot unknown Cal, French Label 1886 8MM, Hammer Double 10GA, Hammer Double 12GA, Harrington Richardson revolver 32Cal, High Standard pump K4111 410, High Standard Derringer 22Cal, Hopkins & Allen off hand 45Cal, Italian black powder 32, Italian Hawken 54, Ithaca 66 410, Ithaca 37 12GA, John Buckingham Old Hammer double 12GA, Lefever double 20GA, Lorcin L22 22Cal, Marlin 120 12GA, Marlin Old Hammer pump 12GA, Marlin 336RC 32, Marlin older pump 12GA, Marlin Glenfield 25 22Cal, Marlin old lever 25-36, Marlin 39 22Cal, (5) Mauser 98 8MM, Meriden Pump 22Cal, Meriden revolver 32, Mossberg lever 30-30, Muzzleloader PSJ & Company 45, New England Arms Handi-rifle 223Cal, (2) New England Arms SB1 410, Remington 1904? 12GA, Remington 700ML 54, Remington Nylon 66 22Cal, Remington Hammer double 10GA, Remington 760 300 Savage, (2) Remington 12 22Cal, Remington Rolling Block 22Cal, Remington 550 22Cal, Remington 870 Spec. pump 12GA, Remington 870 12GA, Remington 341 22Cal, Remington 7 243Cal, Remington Rolling Block 30 gov., Remington 12A 22Cal, Remington 52 22Cal, Remington 14 35Cal, Remington 700 BDL 25-06, Remington 11 12GA, Remington Rolling Block 7MM, Remington 760 30-06, Remington 29 12GA, Remington Rolling Block 32 rim fire, Rossi Puma (lever) 357, Ruger P90 45Cal, Ruger LC9 9MM, Ruger 77 22-250, Ruger MK II slab side 22Cal, (7) Ruger Single Six 22/MAG, Ruger P94DC 9MM, (2) Ruger Blackhawk 357, Ruger MKII 22Cal, Ruger Redhawk 357, Ruger Security Six 357, Ruger Single Six 22Cal, Ruger Blackhawk 44MAG, Ruger 22/45 22Cal, Ruger MKII Target 22Cal, Ruger Bisley 22Cal, Ruger Mark II 22Cal, Ruger Speed Six 38, Ruger Blackhawk 357, (3) Ruger Super Blackhawk 44MAG, (2) Ruger Bearcat 22Cal, Ruger MKI 22Cal, Ruger P85 9MM, Ruger Deerstalker 44MAG, (11) Ruger 10 22 22Cal, (3) Ruger 77 22 22Cal, Ruger 77 7.62x39, (2) Ruger 77 7MM MAG, (2) Ruger 77 270, RWS 48 177, Savage 775 12GA, Savage 101 single action 22Cal, Savage 99 30-30, Savage Fox B 12GA, Savage 99 243, Savage Fox B 16GA, Savage 99C 308, Savage Stevens 311 20GA, (2) Savage Fox B 20GA,  Sharps Replica 1874 Deluxe 45-70, single shot 410, Smith Carbine replica 50Cal, Smith & Wesson 686 357Cal, Smith & Wesson 459 9MM, Smith & Wesson 29 44MAG, Snake Eye black powder 36, (2) Springfield Armory 1898 (Krag) 30-40, Stevens Little Scout 22Cal, Stevens Favorite 22, Stevens Favorite 32 rim fire, Taurus 94 22Cal, Taurus Tracker 22Cal, (8) Thompson Center Hawken 50, Thompson Center Big Boar 58, Thompson Center Seneca 36, Thompson Center Hawken 45, Thompson Center Hawken 54, Thompson Center New Englander (Western) 54, Traditions Pennsylvania rifle 50, US Calvary Commemorative set 44, Winchester 69A 22, Winchester X-150 50Cal, (2) Winchester 1894 30-30, Winchester 12 12GA, Winchester 1890 22Cal, (3) Winchester 94 30-30, Winchester 94 38-55, Winchester 67A 22Cal, Winchester 94 32Cal and Winchester 12 12GA.

                AMMO: 12 gauge, 30-30, lots of 22 cal, 20 gauge, 410, 7mm, 243, 9mm, 32, 45-70, 32-40, 38-55, 45 colt, 35 Remington, 300, 224 Ruger, 25-20, 32 colt, 223, collectors ammo, muzzleloader balls and powder, ammo boxes, gun clips.

                TRAPS: Blake & Lamb #4, New House 44, Victor #4, New House #2 (5), New House #1, Victor #1 1/2 (6), Victor #1 (6), 220 Conibear, Herters #2 (6), Victor #2 long spring (7), 160 Conibear (4), Blake & Lamb #21, New House #1 1/2, New House #4, 1920-1972/73 trap tag collection, glass and wire minnow traps. BEAR TRAPS: New House #15 Wisconsin Sesquicentennial with collector’s box, New House #6, Hutzel #15 NTA Limited Edition (2), New House #5.

                KNIVES:  Marble’s knives in all sizes new in box, Case knives, Silver Stag knives, Ruger knives in boxes, Whitetail Unlimited knives in cases.

                SCOPES, BINOCULARS AND MISCELLANEOUS: Recurve and compound bows, bow tools, Leopold VXII scopes, Leopold VXIII scope, Leopold 12x50 binoculars, Leopold tripod.

 TERMS: No Buyers Fee, 3% Convenience Fee for all Credit / Debit card (Master, Discover & Visa Cards) payments. 5.5% Sales Tax applies to all purchases to all bidders that are not tax exempt. Tax on Vehicles/Snowmobiles/ATV/ Campers/Boats-anything titled or registered. Cash or Check, Positive Photo ID required, $50 Fee on all Returned Checks. Everything sold AS-IS. No Refunds. Announcements made the day of auction have precedence over prior advertisements. ALL GUN PURCHASES: You must be a Wisconsin resident. LONG GUN PURCHASES: you must be 18+ years old. HANDGUN PURCHASES: you must be 21+ years old.

UNITED COUNTRY HAMELE AUCTION & REALTY:  1325 W. Wisconsin St. Portage, WI 53901 608-742-5000 Registered Wisconsin Auctioneers: Travis Hamele #2224 Pardeeville, WI. 608-697-3349; Larry Hamele #510 Briggsville, WI 608-981-2690, Marty Griepentrog #2692-52 608-617-9924. Thinking of selling Real Estate or having an auction? Call us for a free auction evaluation.


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Auction Location

1303 Wauona Trail Portage , WI 53901