How to Register

Several Wisconsin auctions by Hamele Auctions feature the option to bid on items via the internet.  Unless stated otherwise, Wisconsin online auctions open to online bidding present the following options:1) Go to the auction and bid in person as you would on any other auction item (you don’t HAVE TO bid on these items on the internet, it is merely an option) ;2) Pre-Bid on auction items before the actual live auction begins.  We have the auction items listed using a service call Proxi-Bid. All you need is a credit card to register and bid. Once registered simply enter your highest bid amount and the Proxi-bid computer will auto-bid for you up to that amount as the auction actually unfolds (similar to how EBAY operates) OR you can sit in front of your computer AS the auction is unfolding and bid as each auction item is being placed in the ring.  You should be able to see and hear the auction in real time as we use webcams and or audio feeds during live online auctions.So lets say you see an antique golf club at an upcoming Hamele Wisconsin Online Auction and you decide that you need it!  When the golf club lot number is called during the live auction you could win it by:

A) Bidding on it live and in person at the auction itself;

B) Being out golfing or gardening or fishing on Swan lake with Proxibid bidding for you (up to your maximum bid amount that you entered via on-line pre-bid before the live auction started);

C) Sitting in front of your computer during the auction, watching the bids happen in real time as they occur, and typing in your bid amounts in real time just as if you were there in person; (if this is your plan you might  add the on-line auction page to your favorites or book mark it for fast
access prior to auction time).

So there you have it. Internet bidding 101. This can be confusing so please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you might have! We are here to help!